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Lone Microphone


Songs that paint emotions

Stephanie Hayden has made a huge impact as a gifted Singer throughout their career so far. Their range and talent has made them a true musical force to be reckoned with. Listen to their most recent work below.

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Blame- Official Music Video

Blame- Official Music Video

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"My ambition is to live in music"

Stephanie Hayden is a singer/songwriter from Edmonton Alberta Canada. She started music at only three months old when her mother started taking her to music classes so she was around a musical environment early. At only six years old she started taking her first singing lessons until she needed more advanced training and At 13 she started training in classical music and light opera which enhanced her technique exponentially.  She started my songwriting journey at only eleven years old and would later go on to win awards for her soulful lyrics and enticing melodies. At only twelve years old she started competing in various competitions around her area, and in the first year of competing she won a local competition. At the ages 13 and 14 she won multiple awards and scholarships for her pop, country, classical and musical theater performances (going to provincials in musical theater). She competed in the Big Valley Jamboree competition over the years honing her craft and won two audience choice awards in the process. Over the years she's done many performances including charity events, bar gigs, opening acts etc. As she continued in her musical career the time came to start sharing her voice with the world by releasing the songs she had been composing for years. Since her release “Easy” in January 2024 her fanbase has grown exponentially reaching people all over the globe, giving her the opportunity to start to make a difference in people's lives for the better. When she writes music her goal is to help other people and give them something that can be comforting hearing that other people struggle as well and that they’re not alone in it. Her main purpose is to connect to others through her music. Her focus is creating music that is significant to herself and others. She wants to be able to create an impact on society and help people through her music. With this great momentum she has big things planned- so stay tuned for what's to come. Ambitious yet grounded, this talented singer-songwriter is poised for success as she continues to share her gift of music with the world.

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